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" /> Customer Feedback : Miami Animal General Hospital – Choppr
Published in Blog
on April 6, 2008

Year: 2008
Website: animalgenl.com
Client: Miami Animal General Hospital
Testimony: Jason Reuter

We were looking for a way to make our Pet website look more inviting to visitors and to help draw more consumers to check it out and possibly buy our products. Only knowing the basics of HTML, we knew we needed help to jazz it up and make it look more pleasing. That’s when we came across the Choppr.

With their vast knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, they were able to turn our simple, boring website into a website that was pleasing to the eye and caught visitors’ attention.

We had things in the website, like certain graphics, that we still wanted to use, and they were able to incorporate those graphics and use their design experience to put it all together to make a great-looking and easy-to-navigate website. They were able to make it look warm, inviting, and professional, like a site you would like to visit again. They also made it easier to navigate. Everything is right there and labeled clearly, so visitors don’t need to get frustrated trying to find particular articles or products like they did before.

Not only were they able to make a great-looking site, but they also helped us with designing our plain text newsletter into a newsletter that you would expect to see from a professional site. They even helped us better set up our store where it looked more professional, and by using Shopify, we were able to move from just accepting payments through PayPal to having our shopping cart.

They did an excellent job with our site, and it didn’t take them that long. They stayed in contact with us the whole time they worked on the site, always answering emails and questions promptly. It was well worth the money we spent, and while we haven’t recuperated all that spent on it, we are well on our way. We recommend the Choppr to anyone who needs work done on their site. They do excellent work, are very responsive, and put the customer first. What more could you want.