Choppr will convert your web design into clean HTML and CSS templates quickly, easily and for very competitive and affordable rates.

Also known as PSD to HTML, this is the service we were offering when we started the Choppr back in 2006. Over the years, we have built a solid workflow that helps us deliver web-standard, search engine optimized templates with structured and valid code.

Pixel-perfect Templates

Our templates are tested using the latest and most popular web browsers that will cover about 99% of your daily visitors. Our team is very detail-oriented with a design sensibility, which helps us to match your visual design and deliver pixel-perfect template pages.

We test your templates with the latest versions of the following browsers:

  • Firefox on Windows and Mac
  • Safari on Windows and Mac
  • Chrome on Windows and Mac
  • Opera on Windows
  • Internet Explorer 8+ on Windows

Competitive and Affordable Rates

Choppr can produce top-notch HTML and CSS code, getting your templates completed in concise periods of time. We believe that this service should be affordable and fit almost any budget, and that’s why we recently launched our custom-built project management system that cuts time and cost in half.

All of our clients get a 50% discount off all secondary pages within the same project (e.g., if you have five pages in an XHTML1/CSS2 project, the first one would be charged $150, and the other four would be $75 each).

Once in a while, we have raffles for the public posted on our blog. We also send discount codes to our repeat clients as a gesture of gratitude for their continued use of our services.

We value all of our clients and try to keep their web development expenses as low as possible.