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November 28, 2017

Dashaboard templates for Strategy Overview (managed services provider)

Completed a full set of template pages for Strategy Overview. Including several front-end templates for login, sign-up, register and password reset.

“A MSP (managed services provider) which will meet with clients every quarter/year to discuss strategic plans. This includes providing a quarterly business review (QBR) report, which until now, has been a time-consuming task for some of your most expensive staff. Strategy Overview is designed to save your vCIOs and project engineers hours a month and systemizes your QBRS. You will generate beautiful PDF reports and budgets and take your vCIO process to the next level. The future of QBRs is here!”

July 1, 2017

New fully responsive WordPress theme with custom design for Running on Smiles

Running on Smiles is a French blog dedicated to running. Its motto “Go Outside. Run. Have Fun.” says it all, the site is trying to inspire and motivate people to be more active and to show them that anyone can do it. The author Christina, a French/Bulgarian, is trying to show people that running can and should be fun and that there is a large community that is very supportive and there are people that are ready to help you with your first steps.

June 18, 2016

We’ve just completed a custom WordPress project for Heavybit Industires

Heavybit Industires is a platform which helps you to take developer products to market the right way. It has a speaker series, workshops, and many other programs and services. We’ve helped them to rebuild their platform using WordPress with their brand new and fresh design. The Choppr handled all the front and back-end web development. The site is fully responsive and mobile-ready.