Choppr can optimize your web site code to get better search rankings and increase your traffic.

We also offer search engine optimization as one of our services. We can review your code and make it search engine-friendly. Your pages will be optimized and load faster – and most importantly, your website traffic will increase.

We will review your page titles, URLs, meta keywords, and descriptions, optimizing them based on keywords you’ve selected or doing thorough keyword research for you. We can also add sitemaps, breadcrumbs, and a blog section with categories and tags. We will do all the small things to help you get more traffic.

Improve your Search Engine Optimization Semantics

We know the code, so we will optimize your pages to be more search engine friendly. Here are a few things we can do to improve your search engine optimization:

  • Underline the most important parts of the content (H1, H2, H3, etc.).
  • Add ALT tags to images.
  • Update your inbound link structure.
  • Emphasize content positioning techniques, moving the most important content parts to the top of the page.

All of this will improve page readability for search engines and various browsers with disabled or limited CSS.

Increase your Web Page Loading Speed

We will optimize your images, scripts, and template files, which will help with your page loading speed.

  • Compress your images by using CSS Sprites techniques.
  • Use the best available format for each image file.
  • Decrease the size of JavaScript and CSS files and make sure they are all optimized.
  • Add caching if needed for larger pages.

All of this will increase your page’s speed and make your site loads faster for the end-user.