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Web Hosting and Maintenance

Choppr can handle your web site hosting, setup, updates and technical support.

We not only offer a full range of front- and back-end development services, but we can also help you with your web site’s setup, maintenance and overall technical support.

Setting up your Web Site

Once you get all your template files or your CMS theme, you will need to put them on a web hosting server so they will be available and online all the time. We can do the following things for your setup needs:

  • Register, transfer and redirect domain names with GoDaddy, MediaTemple, HostGator or any other domain name service.
  • Provide web hosting on our own dedicated server.
  • Install and setup your content management system and all the required plugins.
  • Input initial content or add content and images that you provide.

Please use the general form on our contact page to ask us about our web hosting and setup rates.

Maintenance and Support

After a few months or a year, you might decide to change or update some part of your web site. The easiest and most efficient way for to do this is to come back to us to do those updates. We know our code, so it won’t take as much time or money for us to make the changes.

Please use the general form on our contact page to ask us about our maintenance and support rates.

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