Albert Baucells Testimony

“I really recommend the Choppr as a great professional service provider. Choppr [Krasen] has done work for me several times, and always did a job as good as I expected.”

Albert Baucells,
Administrador en Tuatara Aplicacions TIC

Doug Muise Testimony

“I’ve been working with the Choppr since 2005 and they have always provided pixel-perfect HTML pages based on my Photoshop files. Their rates are extremely reasonable and turnaround times super-fast. I will continue to use them and would not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues.”

Doug Muise,
Sr. Visual Designer & UX Professional

LuAnne Bell Testimony

“Choppr has been a frequent go-to resource for us when we have overflow work. Specifically, we have used thier services for the construction of HTML templates, both static as well as responsive. They work hard to not only meet the deadlines, but to get the deliverables right the first time. When we have had to go back to them for edits/modifications, they have always been more than willing to take care of any reported issue. We will continue to use their services and are happy to provide them with the highest of recommendations.”

LuAnne Bell,
Sr. Digital Project Manager at Topin & Associates

The Choppr Relaunch

Every new design (or re-design) has its story. From the vision in your own head to the final touches. I have been trying to re-design the Choppr for quite some time and I think we got it right this time (wasn’t really satisfied with the last year layout and design). It had some good features but it was too bland.

Not going to write a whole lot about the process but I will try in 10 bullet points to note the most important features and aspects of the design & layout.

1. Ivo Kozarov (the guy who did all the artwork)
2. New Logo
3. Two Column Layout
4. White, Green and Red
5. White-space (in out case green-space)
6. Engaging
7. Responsive
8. Bootstrap
9. WordPress
10. Ivo Kozarov

This was the initial idea:


Back to work and happy coding!

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