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Adding WordPress custom fields as Contact Form 7 select dropdown

Here is the problem I was faced with in one of my recent projects. I needed to add dynamically created select dropdown into the Contact Form 7 plugin. So basically I needed to take some custom fields values and somehow put them into the form. Let me visualize things before I give you the solution. […]

Minimal WordPress Theme

You can download the Minimal WordPress Theme for FREE here and see a demo here. About the theme Short Description : Minimal WordPress theme is based on the Minimal GitHub theme created by Steve Smith @orderedlist. Tags : minimal, clean, 2 columns, fixed sidebar, shortcodes, responsive Screenshots Features and usage More details about features and […]

Common CSS mistakes for developers to avoid

What are some of the most typical errors made by CSS developers? Here is a list that can help you when you start working on your next project: Not using a reset file. Understand that you can Apply more than one class at a time to an element. Making use of CSS hacks rather than […]

How to code simple CSS3 tooltip

Tooltips are used to add a bit more information about your content to explain not so popular terms and much more. There are few ways to add tooltip to your content: with JavaScript, with jQuery, with CSS and JavaScript or with just plain CSS3. Here I can show you how to add tooltip to your […]

Creating origami boxes with HTML and CSS

Do you want to learn how to create a origami box without images, with just plain HTML and CSS? Do you like origami? Have you ever wanted to have an origami box for you testimonials or sidebar widgets? Here I have put together some stunning origami boxes without using any images. It is all HTML […]


Note: These articles are old and some of the information is not current and relevant. Bare in mind all that when you read and comment on them.

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