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on April 6, 2008

Why do we need PSD to HTML service providers?

Present data of Internet users, worldwide shown by is 1,802,330,457. Internet penetration is about 26.6% of the population and on November 1st, 2006 CNN reported that the web reached a new milestone of 100 million sites.

With these rattling figures and deep penetration of the Internet, it becomes necessary to have a beautifully designed and widely accessible website. Frequent revision of browsers and their new versions are making the cross-browser compatibility features for a website a necessity. With all these things there comes, an equally important part of Web design and that is HTML/CSS conversion of the design.

What is PDF to HTML?

Since PSD to HTML is a time-consuming task and requires manual coding, so no software help can be accessed to take off the pressure. Here comes the role of PSD to HTML service providers.

PSD to HTML service providing companies are the ones that are professionally sound and possess the expertise for this particular job. The parameters of which one can decide upon choosing a particular firm are:

• market reputation
• brand popularity
quality of work (does it follow web standards and work on major browsers)
• turnaround time of project delivery
competitive pricing